Avoid any last minute stress on your exam day because stress will stir up your emotions and make you feel depressed and retarded during your exam. Have a look at the following checklist to avoid troubles on your exam day.

Keep Timetable With You

Always have an extra copy of timetable with you to avoid any trouble of getting late for your exam.

Student Number

If you don't know it off by heart, make sure to bring your exam number with you. You will need to write this on your paper, so it's important to have it.

Student ID Card

Many colleges require you to bring a student card or some form of ID with you to you exam, it's important not to forget it.

Proper Stationery

It might seem obvious but many people have showed up to an important exam without a pen. Bring some spares in case your ink runs out, but try not to overload the desk as you might get distracted. Just bring required stationery.


If you need a calculator, make sure to double check you've packed it the night before, and if you can, find out the battery power so you can be sure it won't die in the exam.

Wrist Watch

Having a watch on your desks helps to keep track of the time. It's important to make sure you give yourself enough time for each question, and avoid spending too much time on questions that offer little marks.

Special Stationery

If you're to draw complex tech drawing or any of those subjects, make sure you have what you need like rulers, compass, protractor, set square, in short a complete geometry box.

Water Bottle

Bring some water and keep hydrated. Also bring a snack or two to fight any hunger pangs during exams and give you an energy boost.

Get Some Sleep

It is being said, "A healthy body has healthy mins". Thus, make sure to get some decent hours to sleep before exam in order to do well during exam.

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