Though your new apartment may have looked pristine during your showing, it’s still imperative to inspect the space before moving in. You want to be sure that the condition of the property is up to your standards. Follow our checklist and you will surely get some idea.

Exterior check

The quality and first impression of the building’s exterior is important and will reveal the owner’s attention to detail. Keeping it in top shape will protect the interior and increase the curb appeal.

Parking area

Parking can make or break a place depending on how many vehicles you have, and landscaping can often tell a lot about the rental property.

Check surroundings

You will probably be excited, anxious, exhausted, or a combination of all three when you are heading to see a potential new living space. Try to relax and take in the neighborhood and surroundings on the way there so you can get a decent understanding of what the area is like.

Common spaces

If your rental is anything other than a freestanding house it will have some common spaces such as hallways, entrances, laundry room, etc. Make sure these are clean and in good condition.

Check outdoor space

Any attached outdoor areas like a balcony, deck, or patio can add value and fun living space, but they also can be dangerous if in poor condition – especially if they are on an upper level.

Check windows & doors

Review the entrances into the home and each room, and check that the windows will allow you enough sunlight and to enjoy the weather when it’s nice outside.

Check bathroom fixtures

Check the plumbing and don’t be afraid to test everything out – you’ll be living here for the length of your lease and can expect functional plumbing fixtures for the duration of your stay.

Check HVAC systems

No matter your climate or what season it is, a properly working and efficient HVAC system is crucial to feeling comfortable in your home year-round. Don’t neglect these questions when reviewing!

All cabinets & storages

Having enough space for all your items is an important consideration. The space should be clean for your dishes, clothes, and other stored valuables. Open every cabinet and inspect.

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