If you are working on a side project or a product for your SaaS small company and you want to plan for a good launch, you can review this checklist to make sure you launching your project the right way.

Create profiles:
- Crunchbase.
- AngelList

- Beta List

- ProductHunt

References before launching your service
Have a look on SaaS manual website

Learn how to build SaaS products from scratch. SaaS Manual teaches you how to build commercial software services that are production-ready, scalable, maintainable, and secure. It teaches you all of this from scratch.

Create your press kit for journalists

Create a press kit for your startup containing all the information a journalist needs to cover your start-up. You can review the best press kit examples on Press Kite. And review the PressKitHero. Then get connected with the best journalists to feature your business in seconds using Press Hunt services.

Free directory listings
Submit your service for beta testers

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