Work at home jobs are on the rise and in high demand. But, working from home calls for certain requirements and lifestyles for success.
Use this checklist to help you plan your day whilst working from home, increase your productivity, and avoid undesirable consequences that might occur down the road.

Create a daily to-do list

Before you start your work, you should create a realistic to-do list in which you enter all the tasks you want to complete that day. This way you can keep a better overview and concentrate on each individual task.

Make a dedicated space for your work

Prepare a room or space in your home that is dedicated to your work.
You can arrange your work area in a way that you feel comfortable: for example, with plants and a high-quality office chair.
The following applies to computers, telephones and the like: the technology you need to work should be within easy reach and not at the other end of the home.

Take care of yourself

Take appropriate breaks to ensure repetitive actions are not continued for long periods.
Check you have a comfortable posture.
Use trolleys or other mechanisms to move heavy and awkward items.
Make time to go on a short walk during your lunch break and stretch your legs.
Have water and healthy snacks in your desk to keep refreshed and energized.

Ensure the safety of the workplace

Have a properly maintained dry chemical or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or fire blanket on site.
Make sure that the walkway to the nearest exist sufficiently wide enough and free from hazards.
Install a smoke detector.

Stick to your working hours

Work for specific hours per day, if you need to change this plan for personal reasons, discuss it with your manager first. Pack your working materials out of sight after work is done.

Stay away from social media

While you're working, log out of all your social media accounts, this will increase your concentration and efficiency. You'll save a lot of time and won't be tempted to scroll endlessly through the latest news.

Stay online

It’s important to stay connected with your team and colleagues. Check your e-mail and [messaging app] regularly to receive your team’s requests and questions. Keep your calendar updated and hop into meetings with your camera and mic on. Exchange ideas with them about your daily planning, learn from each other, share successes or defeats together.

Check your internet connection

Make sure you have a secure internet connection and fast enough to keep things rolling at all times. Follow all internet security guidelines diligently and do not connect to untrustworthy providers.

Remember to socialize and have fun

Relationships with colleagues are important. Having them around only virtually can become confusing. The good thing is you can still get to know them during 1:1 meetings and calls. Share a laugh whenever you can, and socialize.

Keep a clean desk and home workspace

Although at the office you might have had a cleaning service every day that used to clean your desk, take out the garbage, etc. this is something that you’ll need to do at home, so make sure to leave a bit of time at the end or start of each day to do it so.
Remember also that your computer keyboard, mouse and mobile phone tend to harbor bacteria and is also important to clean them often with disinfectant products.

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