Leather shoes are a popular favorite for people who have active jobs or need shoes that will give their feet extra comfort and protection. Having a pair of genuine leather shoes for work is an investment that will keep your feet feeling comfortable throughout your entire shift.
There is no dearth of leather shoe brands today but it seems that very few people actually know how to go about shopping for a leather shoe. So,this checklist will help you to make the best choice.

Look for comfort

Comfort while wearing a shoe is paramount. No matter how expensive the materials that go into its making are, if the shoe is not comfortable and lightweight, then it fails to serve the purpose. A good quality shoe will make you feel like you have hardly worn anything at your feet.

Check the sole of the shoes

The sole is a very important part of the shoe that can indicate its quality. The wearer will feel more comfortable if the sole and the lining of the shoe is better. This also provides them a good grip. The quality of the sole goes a long way in determining the life span of the shoe.

Check the insole of the shoe

The insole is nothing but the inside part of the shoe that runs underneath and supports the bottom part of the shoe. You should check the detailing of the inner part of the shoe as it is an important indicator of quality.A perfect pair of shoes should have an extra padded insole. An extra layer of cushioning between the feet and the shoe makes the grip comfortable and sturdy.

Analyze the Stitching Pattern

You could opt for leather shoes where the stitching is seamlessly blended into the surface and is almost undetectable. The other option includes leather shoes where the stitching lines are more pronounced. This tends to add more authenticity to the shoe.

Select leather shoe color in coherence with your wardrobe

Black leather shoes are best matched with black, grey and navy blue trousers. Dark-tanned leather shoes are best worn with lighter shades like white or dull tan trousers. Brown leather shoes are best worn with tan, beige and brown trousers. Brick-colored leather shoes are best combined with grey, blue and light brown pants. Grey leather shoes are considered neutral and can be worn with most colors except for very dull browns.

Rotat the Laces

Leather shoes tend to survive for a very long period if they are properly cared for. Replacing laces on an old leather shoe can give a strange look to the shoe. Newly-strewn laces on a slightly-dull looking shoe create a mismatch of sorts. Dedicated leather show users use a trick to avoid this problem. They use two pairs of laces and rotate them on a tri-monthly basis. In this way, you always have well-matched laces for your favorite leather shoes.

Check if the shoe has any kind of plastic coat or an extra unreal shine on it

When you touch the shoes, you feel that there is a layer between your touch and the material of shoe. This shiny coat applied to the leather shoe loses the shine with growing usage, and eventually not only peels off, but takes the color coat with it - reducing the shoes' life to one season.

Try leather shoes repeatedly

When trying a leather shoe, ensure that you spend a few minutes walking in it. The shoe shouldn’t bite into your skin.The area around the heel should be loose, i.e. your heel should stick in the groove of the shoe.

Understand stretch marks

Stretch marks on leather shoes are traditionally considered a benchmark of their originality. However, this doesn’t mean that you choose a shoe where the surface looks scuffed with stretch marks. Yes, these lines are supposed to exist in some types of leather but they are meant to give a textured appearance. Bigger lines on the surface that are suggestive of folding or undue compression just reflect too many hours spent in the godown or poor craftsmanship.

Be careful when you are buying leather shoes online

Ensure: • There is a return or refund policy.
• There are options to exchange the shoe for a bigger or smaller size.
• The retailer is ready to exchange merchandise based upon any visible defects on the shoe such as exaggerated stretch marks.


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