No matter who you go with, fishing is just the best opportunity to bring you closer while you have fun and enjoy the nature. Not to mention all the unforgettable memories that are created during a fishing getaway. Also, Fishing truly is the best way to relax after a week of hard work.
But with the choice of the place to be made, the unpredictability of weather, and all the gear you need to bring, be ready to have your fishing trip checklist in hand before going out to have fun.

Don’t forget Your License and Insurance

In most countries, licenses can be purchased on the web. It just takes the time to go online and register.
Don’t forget that having a license to go fishing is an absolute necessity, not having one can get you fined and you also risk to have your equipment confiscated. Also, if you’re planning to take your boat to go out fishing, make sure that you are insured.

Design an Itinerary

Find a good fishing spot. Take into consideration the time of the year you go fishing and what species you want to catch. Focusing on a specific species will make you more successful and will also make it easier to identify the place you should go. Study the species you are after and where you can find them. Spend time studying the habitat of the fish, be it a river, lake or the sea.

Check the weather reports

It’s no secret that the weather is unpredictable, so it must be routinely checked. Be ready and make your plan flexible, so if bad weather occurs, it won’t find you unprepared.

Get your fishing essential tools checklist ready

To make sure your trip is successful write a fishing trip checklist prior to going out. Don’t forget the fishing essential tools: fishing rods and reels, fishing line, your favorite baits, hooks, lures, bobbers and a tackle box to fit all your accessories. Also, bring a first-aid kit, scissors, pliers for cutting line, sunglasses, sunscreen, a camera (consider a waterproof one), hand towels and tissues.

Check all the safety gear in advance

Be sure to have onboard: anchors, bilge pumps, life jackets, fire extinguisher, radio and personal locator.
Find and read the requirements of your local jurisdiction if you don’t know what you need to have on your boat. Also, test your radar in advance before you go sailing.

Plan your meals

Make sure you plan your meals ahead of time and bring a surplus of food and water. Avoid chips, pretzel and crackers and all those salty snacks that will make you thirsty and will let you run out of water quickly.
Keep sodas and alcoholic drinks to a minimum too, as both can dehydrate the body. Opt for sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit.

Learn how to tie basic knots

The knot you use to tie on your bait is as important, if you fail to tie the know correctly, you just won’t get the fish. You can learn how to tie knots by watching video tutorials or by doing a research on the web.

Seek for advice

If you know someone reliable who can tell you a good area to start in, this can spare you a lot of research time. If this is truly your first fishing trip, try to go together with an experienced person who can give you tips.

Take the essential clothes

Clothing is an important consideration when packing for any outdoor fishing trip. Make sure to bring a hat to offer protection from the sun and rain, extra pair of socks - in case the ones you're wearing get wet, extra pairs of shoes, waders - if you plan to leave shore and go into the water, pants to offer better protection than shorts, jacket or vest with lots of pockets , windbreaker and a change of clothes.

Go early and stay late

Early morning and late in the evening are fantastic times for fishing. Fish are more active at these times, so they make for the best catches of the day, usually.

Keep the fishing area clean

Remember to always take away what you bring in and never leave behind any rubbish. Fishing line is especially very dangerous to birds and wildlife, so keep in mind to pick up everything and to recycle.

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