Selling your website can be a headache as you have to go through a long list of credentials and collect relevant data to put it up for sales. Let's make the task easy for you by providing a proper guide.

Evaluate your website's worth

Put it online for evaluation. Use authentic sites to get the real margin. If it's okay with you then you can spend some money to get a real quote.

Collects Stats

If the evaluation goes well you need to collect relevant stats to attract buyers. Like earnings and traffic analysis.

Sign up with a trusted seller

You are now ready to make a move on selling by creating an account on selling websites like Filpa. Sign up and put relevant information.

Make it worth selling

You're gonna have to put as much as authentic information as you can to attract honest customers. Make a good descriptions and add earning details & traffic analysis charts.

Add your earning methods

You can also add earning methods like affiliations, ad-sense or account details to solidify your case.

Add expenditure details

Once you add your earnings, it is a good practice to add how much you spend on the website to increase traffic and performance. This will give buyer a view of your website's performance.

Pull a quote

It's time to put a price tag on your website. You had evaluated your website earlier and you can put that price tag here. Usually you can place price range in three categories.

1. Reserved Price
2. Up-front Price
3. Bidding Price

Authenticate your payout methods

You must authenticate your payout method before any buyer places the bid to save you from inconvenience. Usually authentic websites accepts payments through PayPal, Payoneer and Escrow etc. So, be sure to make an account on one of these sites.

Don't get hasty

Once a buyer reach out to make a bid, don't get hasty and accept the offer. Usually any auction goes from anywhere between 18-22 days. So, wait for a while and let more buyers to make a bid.

Don't get greedy

If a buyer agrees to pay you the amount you are actually hoping then go for it and don't get greedy. If you poke him further, chances are he will get frustrated and call off the deal.


Finally, if all goes well you can go home with your dream amount by selling your website. Once a buyer will pay the third party will automatically initiate the website transfer. You just need to provide credentials and let it happen.


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