Do you want to become a digital nomad? Such a drastic lifestyle change is anything but easy and requires careful preparation. To give you the most important steps on your way to a location-independent life, we have created this digital nomad checklist.

Prepare mentally

Are you sure that this is the right lifestyle for you? Don’t be fooled by the fancy Instagram pictures or the self-claimed gurus who tell you that this is the best way to live your life. Make sure you want to become a digital nomad for the right reasons.

Financial preparation

Another important factor, if not the most important one, is the financial preparation. Having a remote job or a way to generate income online is basically the center of the digital nomad life. Make sure you start looking into your options well before you want to leave.

Avoid commitments

Your current life is full of commitments and contracts that you need to get rid of before starting a digital nomad life. Don’t quit your job before you have found a new and reliable way to generate regular income in the long-run.

Pick a destination

This is definitely the most fun part when it comes to preparing your digital nomad life. So many great places to choose from. Where to go first? I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to how to pick the right country as a digital nomad.

Prepare for departure

Let’s have a look at what you have to organize for your arrival. Book your first flight well in advance to get the best deal and to be able to prepare a visa if needed. Also, check for passport and vise before going to airport.

Check your medication

Do you have medical issues that require you to take certain medicine regularly? Check if you can buy that in the country you are traveling to. Alternatively, organize enough of it and bring it with you.

Travel insurance

We know many of you want to save money and consider not getting travel insurance. Although I like traveling on a budget, too, we highly recommend you to get one!

Pack luggage carefully

Decide if you want to bring a suitcase or a backpack. What clothes should you pack? What electronic devices do you need? Anything else you can’t live with? we know it’s hard but less is usually more.

Make your own travel plan

The great thing about a location-independent lifestyle is that you don’t have to make a detailed travel plan. You stay at places you like and move on from places that don’t feel right for you.

You're all set to go

Alright, this digital nomad checklist should cover the most important steps on your way to a location-independent lifestyle.

Do you like this checklist and want to see more? visit the Checklist everything. This website will give some sample checklists and checklists that you can have as samples to create your own list. Every checklist on this website is printable as PDF.

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