In today’s media whirlwind, rebranding seems to have become the latest trend to maintain customers’ interest over time. Here is a checklist to help you rebranding with ease.

Why you want to rebrand?

Knowing why you are rebranding is just as important as the rebrand itself. There could be several valid reasons to consider a rebrand - the point is that it shouldn't be arbitrary, it needs to serve a purpose. A successful rebrand is translatable to your current consumer base, while simultaneously appealing to a fresh audience.

Consult with expert

While rebrands cost money, they are infinitely worth the investment. Before you start your rebrand, take the time to research the expertise available. Depending on the project you might be able to work with your in-house team, or, you might want to outsource and bring on a design studio of specialists.

Study your competition

Before you start your rebrand, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of the competitors within your market. Take an audit of your direct competition. How is your brand uniquely positioned within the field? How does your brand voice and visual identity differ? What elements of your current branding help to differentiate you, and what needs to change?

Survey your audience

This is a vital step in your rebrand checklist. Before you undergo a rebrand, you need to know your target audience. If you don’t already have a strong perspective on your primary demographic, then there are several ways that you can discover this.

Audit your brand

Your brand audit should involve a deep dive into all areas of your brand identity and image. This is your chance to evaluate exactly what areas of your brand you are looking to change. Ask yourself: Do I need a new brand name? A new brand voice? Or perhaps just a new logo? How drastic a change are you looking to implement?

What's new?

Your rebrand is a new chapter in your brand story. It is both a nod to your history and a clear articulation of your future. Ask yourself, what are we trying to say to our customers. How is your rebrand communicating your purpose, your vision, your mission, and your company values?

R&D behind rebranding

As long as you have the research to back it, you’ll be surprised at the extent of exciting, risky, branding decisions that you can afford to take!

Form a new identity

This is where all of your research comes to fruition as you undergo updates and changes to your visual identity.

Convey new guidelines

Once you have revised your creative and implemented your new designs, you can work with your designer to create thorough brand guidelines that are comprehensive to both internal and external parties.

Launch your new brand

The final step on your rebrand checklist is to plan your launch! Taking time to thoroughly prep your roll-out is hugely beneficial. A thoughtful launch will make a splash and clearly communicate your new direction to your audience.


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