The NFR’s vary in importance and are usually aligned to the context of the system e.g. Operational Safety could be classed as a NFR, especially when working in hazardous conditions (Oil Rigs, Gas Plants etc. The following checklist will help you navigate through non functional requirements.

Security requirements

1- Login / Access levels
2- Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) levels.
3- Access permissions for application data may only be changed by the system’s data administrator
4- Password requirements – length, special characters, expiry, recycling policies etc.

Audit requirements

1- System must maintain full traceability of transactions
2- Audited Objects are defined?
3- Audited database fields – which data fields require audit info?

Capacity requirements

1- Throughput – how many transactions at peak time does the system need to be able to handle
2- Storage – (memory/disk) – volume of data the system will page / persist at run time to disk


1- Response times – application loading, browser refresh times, etc.
2- Processing times – functions, calculations, imports, exports

Availability requirements

1- Hours of operation, holidays, maintenance times, etc
2- Locations of operation – where should it be available from, what are the connection requirements?


1- The ability of a system to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specific period of time.
2- Mean Time Between Failures – What is the acceptable threshold for down-time?


1- Recovery process
2- Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
3- Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

Robustness requirements

The ability of the system to resist change without adapting its initial stable configuration – operational characteristics with growth?


1- Conformance to Enterprise Architecture standards
2- Conformance to Technical design standards
3- Conformance to coding standards
4- Conformance to best practices.


1- User Documentation
2- System Documentation (Production Acceptance?)
3- Help? Training Material


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