There are two general types of powered industrial trucks: electric (battery) powered and internal combustion engine (gas/LPG/diesel) powered. Each of these general types has a variety of different configurations and attachments. Here is a general checklist to cover both.

Check leaks

Fuel, Hydraulic Oil, Engine Oil or Radiator Coolant. These leaks can be dangerous as they can cause sudden explosion.

Tires check

Condition and Pressure must be checked because low pressure can cause imbalance in the motion.

Check overgurad

It must be attached all the time due to safety precautions.

Check battery

Check Water/Electrolyte Level and Charge. In case of low levels refill immediately or it will cause trouble on route.

Numberplate check

Attached and Information Matches Model, Serial Number and Attachments, these information must be checked before departure.

Accelerator paddle

Make sure it works smoothly because hard accelerator may interfere with proper acceleration of vehicle under load.

Check brakes

This is an essential check because brakes of heavy vehicles take lot's of friction to act properly. If the lathers are not in good condition, change them immediately.

Steering check

Make sure it operates smoothly as your life depends on it.

Attachment system

Attachment and detachment systems must be checked before hitting the road because during travel if system fails, it can cause serious damage.

Gauges check

Ammeter, Engine Oil Pressure, Hour Meter, Fuel Level, Temperature, Instrument Monitors – Functioning etc. all gauges must be checked properly.

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