If you already familiar with any programming languages and you want to get the fast track to learn C Sharp ( C# ) language you would love to follow this checklist to help you to switch your knowledge to C#.

Download Visual Studio and needful tools

It's better to use Visual Studio for your first project, so you can be familiar with Microsoft eco-system. There is a community edition which is a free version of Visual Studio. You can download it from here.

You should download all these:


Take any fundamental online course

It would be perfect for your future with C# to know the basic and fundamentals of CSharp. I would suggest this comprehensive approach to C# Fundamentals course, which is a free course by Coursera. It should not take more than 45 minutes from you to complete it, but you need to be focus on it.

Have a look on any web application framework

I would suggest to you to start with the ASP.NET Boilerplate. Go download your version and try to set it up on your local machine. You can read why using a web application framework is much better for your application here. Also, here is a great introduction for the ASP.NET boilerplate folders.

Do you like this checklist and want to see more? visit the Checklist everything. This website will give some sample checklists and checklists that you can have as samples to create your own list. Every checklist on this website is printable as PDF.

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