If you will interview a C# developer you will find this checklist useful since it will help you asking more advanced questions in your interview with C Sharp developer.

General programming questions
Do you have other programming languages you know? beside C#?

He should already tried to learn more than one non-related programming language to C Sharp. This will show that he can learn always.

What kind of databases or tools you use with C#?

I believe it's a big plus if he already worked with any open source databases like MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Also, he should be familiar with Git as a source version control tool.

What is your stack on your local machine?

Asking about local environment sometimes shows an indicator of how advanced the user is. I always looking for using task runners and any virtualization tools like Docker, Lando. And sometimes would love to hear about using JetBrains Rider.

What is the most used packages in your projects? from NuGet package manager?

Utilizing open-source packages always a good sign that this developer knows that open source packages always are mature enough because it is widely used by other developers. I'm always waiting to hear about these packages (Entity Framework, Dapper, AutoMapper ...).

Have you built API? with authorization?

He should talk about API endpoints that he built before. And the authorization using JWT. It would perfect if he is familiar with Swagger and HTTP status codes.

Have you worked with any of the template engines liek Razor Pages or Blazor?

Getting to know the syntax of any template engine and know any of these two popular options is a must.

What is the architect you follow when build your solution?

He should explain in general the principles and popular architects that he have worked with like Clean architecture from Microsoft, Union architect, Domain-Driven-Design, MVC, N-tier, Repository, microservices. Also, you can ask if he start building the project Code-first or DB-first and why he go with this option.

Are there any coding standards and naming convention he follow?

He should mention any public standards not only internal standards in his team. Sometimes I'm looking to hear about SOLID principles. Clean code.

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