When you need to write user stories for your team, you need to remember to make your user story simple and straight-forward.

Writing a user story
Keep the user story description short

To make it simple you need to make it short and to not complicate it.

Write from the perspective of the user

You need to think like a user when you are writing the user story description. And always talk as a user.

Make the value of the story clear

You need to make it clear and to explain main the reason for the story. What is the problem that you are trying to solve exactly?

Describe one piece of functionality

The Agile user story should describe only one functionality. If you think you have more than one functionality think to break it into 2 stories.

Write stories as a team

This sometimes important especially if your team from a different culture or different backgrounds. Also, try to make this a fun activity for your team.

Define acceptance criteria

You need to write the acceptance criteria so you can help developers to know your expectations. Please review this workshop for more on how to write a good user story.

Writing an acceptance criteria
Negative scenarios of the functionality

You need to make sure to define the negative scenarios that you don't need to allow them.

Functional and non-functional use cases

You should write the functional and non-functional requirements and use cases that you need.

Performance concerns and guidelines

You may want to mention any performance concerns if it is applicable to your user story.

What feature intends to do

Describe the intention of this feature.

The impact of a user story to other features

In some cases, you need to mention the impact of this user story to the other features that already implemented in your system.

Mention any UX concerns

This might be part of the negative scenarios, that you may want to mention the UX concerns after implementing this feature.

Definition of Done
The feature tested
Ready for acceptance test
Deployed to a test or demo server

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